Bid or not to Bid? Answers from “The” Bid Conference

Have you seen the key takeaways from the Bid and Proposal Conference (BPC) from October 2021 in Denver?

One that talks to me is the difference between a winning bid team and a losing one. One of the speakers at the BPC clearly articulated that a winning strategy is focused on the customer’s need, not what you have to sell. It directs specific campaign actions to change the playing field; it is not static. It gives the customer a differentiating choice among alternatives and captures the imagination with clear, quantifiable benefits.

I found this key takeaway very powerful.

When I was a Project Manager at the World Bank, I would read hundreds of bids and proposals. They would often have a similarity: they were focused on what the company had to sell. They were not really addressing the key needs from the Terms of Reference.

Do you find yourself more in the position of selling your company or understanding the needs of the Client?

What tools are you using to understand your Client?

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