How WiiA can save you time in your tenders in three steps

Time is a crucial commodity for all businesses, especially for growing businesses that wish to expand their operations internationally. In speeding up the process of preparing proposals for new contracts, companies can reduce costs, finalise more bids and boost their win rate. In order to enable companies to do this, WiiA has designed three cutting-edge functionalities that will save your company time in preparing bids: WiiA Analyse, WiiA Match and WiiA Search.

Time-saving step 1: WiiA Analyse

The purpose of WiiA Analyse is to analyse tenders and their terms of reference in just mere minutes, and to help your company speed up the go/no-go decision-making process. On average, it takes 60 minutes to thoroughly analyse a tender when employing traditional, manual means for the process. As well as being slower, this method also runs the risk of a tender being misread or misinterpreted through human error.

WiiA Analyse exists to negate these two issues in the examination of a tender. In taking 60 seconds, or just slightly longer, to analyse the terms of reference, the program enables your company to save time and resources right from the very beginning of the process. WiiA Analyse collates all the most relevant data from the tender into an easily digestible one-page summary, which allows you to make a quick and well-informed go/no-go decision.

The summary gives an overview of the assignment, as well as a list of its key requirements for a company to win the day (e.g.: years of experience necessary, skills required, project sector and country experience). From the terms of reference, the program filters out the less relevant information and highlights the important key words allowing you to more easily target the best members of your team to work on the tender. 

Time-saving step 2: WiiA Match

WiiA Match works hand in hand with WiiA Analyse to save your company even more valuable time in its tenders. The program automatically takes the terms of reference key words extrapolated by the WiiA Analyse analysis and uses them to evaluate how pertinent your company’s experience is for the proposal. The compatibility score is based on three key factors: experience level, sectorial expertise and suitability for the project level.

Furthermore, the program sources and matches the best people in your team to work on the tender. The match is based on the relevancy of the person’s CV in your databank to the key requirements and experiences associated with the tender. The program suggests a shortlist of employees and scores their compatibility with the assignment out of 100, based on the same criteria as above. It also recommends the role in the proposal preparation team for which they would be best suited. 

By offering a standard of company suitability and a selection of tailor-made candidates to work on a bid proposal, WiiA Match will revolutionise bid proposals. All this is possible just from access to your company’s databank and is presented to you in a clear and concise manner within minutes of you consulting the tender for the first time.

Time-saving step 3: WiiA Search

WiiA Search is an intelligent search engine that operates within your company’s databank. Its primary purpose is to enable you to find pertinent data and CVs for the preparation of a tender without having to sift endlessly through the thousands of documents in your archives.

You simply need to search one of the relevant key words taken from the tender you are analysing in the program and WiiA Search will curate a list of the most relevant results from amongst your company’s files. It even lets you refine the search results to only show CVs or archived files for example.

If your company is working on a tender that requires a certain expertise in a field like waterway management, you simply need to type ‘international waterway expert’ into the search bar and then refine the search parameters. The program will then instantaneously provide you with the CVs, in descending order of relevance, of the best people in your company to help prepare and ultimately win the bid.

In speeding up the process of locating and contacting the employees you need to work on your company’s tender, WiiA Search is an essential tool to save time and energy in the proposal preparation process.

Try out WiiA to save time

  • Automatisation is all around us, yet the process of analysing, preparing and finalising proposals has remained stuck in the past. WiiA seeks to change this by offering a single platform that supports your company’s databank, alongside the above smart functionalities that allow its users to free themselves from the slow, laborious work of manual preparation. Automate, elevate and win with WiiA.
  • WiiA Analyse, Match and Search are all available on an individual basis from WiiA, however for the best time-saving results in the preparation of your tenders it is recommended to deploy the full package.
  • The full WiiA package puts these three innovative functionalities at your company’s disposal. Their time-saving potential will completely redefine the way you approach your tenders. Gone will be the lost hours analysing tenders that finally turn out not to be suitable to your company’s activity and the time spent trawling through your databank to find the perfect candidate or data for the bid.

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