How it works

A sneak peek at the features of your tender platform

Benefit #1 – laser focus on countries, sectors and clients of interest

You can select with precision clients and countries of choice, and make sure that your tender opportunities perfectly align with your company and expertise
Benefit #2 – access thousands of international tenders
You can access all the latest tender opportunities, on the same day that they are published. Opportunities are classified, organized and ranked to give you a quick view to compare them
Benefit #3 – incorporate project risk to your decisions
You can analyse and select tenders based on project risks. Each tender opportunity has a project risk index, based on the country, governance, contract enforcement, and implementing unit.

#4 – Tenders data extracted automatically

You can laser focus on key requirements only. Each tender opportunity is summarized with the key requirements so that you do not have to read the entire tender and can analyse it faster.
#5 – Bid Decision Tool : self assessment in 10 questions
You can leverage our bid decision tool to self assess your compatibility with each tender opportunity in 10 questions and less than 2 minutes through our proprietary bid decision scoring system.

#6 – Ask our Expert : 24/7 support for bid technical preparation

You can directly book a meeting with our experts for support in expert-finding, for bid and bid section writing, for partner company sourcing, and for bid quality reviewing.

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