Plan your bid process before the deadline!

I have noticed that plenty of my bid leader colleagues don’t make a plan before preparing a tender while it’s one of the most important steps in the process!

Here are 3 reasons to make a plan and how to make it useful and performant.

  1. It will help your teams to know where they are in the process and what’s next to do
  2. You will get an indicator of time (and therefore cost!!!!) for each step and you won’t be running out of time when the closing date is coming.
  3. You won’t overspend your budget because you will put a limit for each step of the plan.

To make it useful each plan has to be customized to the size and the complexity of the tender you’re answering.

Make some meetings with the teams when a milestone is complete to know exactly what has been done and how.

Get it done and go get success in your next bids! 😎

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