Should you bid on this project or not?

If you’re a win work director or bid team manager, you have your framework on why your firm should pursue a certain bid…….. do you?

I hear from our clients:

“We need to put our name in front of the client for future work!”

“We know well the client and the decision-makers!”

“We recently won 3 contracts in that country! It makes sense!”

At WiiA, we advise our company differently – we provide them with a framework that gives to them a COMPATIBILITY SCORE. This score provides them with a quantitative analysis supporting the logic of the right to win.

In other words – “what are the chances we have to win that project?”

Using this process can boost your win rate, help you spend your bid dollars wisely, and prevent the burnout that comes from having your team chase too many unrealistic bids too often.

The process relies on 4 pillars for the quantitative analysis:

1. Matching resources/CV and availability for the assignment

2. Knowledge of the client

3. Knowledge of the project or related projects

4. Experience / credentials in the sector/industry/subs-sector

That 4 pillar approach, where you compare the tender requirements with your WHOLE database, allows you to obtain a quantitative analysis of your right to win.

Easy, right?

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