The key pain points in winning tendered contracts

What are your main pain points in winning tendered contracts?

Interviewed on Australian Kalkine Media Australia TV, we have explained how WiiA has identified three pain points that companies are facing when they’re applying to tenders.

The first one is the way they do analyze the tender opportunities that come their way. It take 60 minutes per tender on average, because they have to analyze that manually. And some companies we work with analyze 20 tenders per day. So that it 20 hours per day just to assess opportunities. That means 7,000 hours a year or about half a million euros per year. And so it reduces their capacity to answer to multiple tender opportunities and therefore increase revenues!

The second pain point has to do with finding the right data. On average each company spends about 100 hours for each tender to find the matching data in their database. For one tender a day that they decide to prepare, that is more than 30,000 hours or 2.5 million euros spent just to find data.

And at WiiA, we work on the “tinder of tender”.

Well Tinder’s strength and ability is about finding a Match. Same with tenders. It’s the ability to find the matching data with the requirements of your client. So again, it’s very tedious, manual oriented job that can be automatized with new technology.

And finally, the third pain point is the preparation of the technical proposal of the bid itself. About 100 hours spent to copy and paste and format that data. that’s another 2.5 million euros spent here. And here again, there are a lot of opportunities to automate the copy and paste all the mundane administrative elements so that staff can free their time to do more valued activities, more high expertise related task

WiiA’s motto is Automate. Elevate. Win. And that motto can help you save up to 5.5 million euro annually just in optimization of data processing. How does that sound? 🙂


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