Trust above expertise

How to build trust with your clients!
Trust matters more than expertise, would you agree?

There is a big misconception on this.

I see a lot of engineering consultancies insisting on their expertise.

“We can do BIM, we can use drones, we can supervise this bridge project, etc… We can show proof of 250 projects implemented here…etc”

But in reality, the foundations of your expertise, and your products or solutions, do not matter as much as your client’s trust and belief in the fact that they can trust you. Big difference.

It’s not about you trying to showcase how smart you are and how skilled you are to help solve a challenge.

It’s about leveraging the trust that your client has in you. Because they know that you will deliver no matter what. Because they know that you will go the extra mile when you work in an emerging economy. Not just delivering a report. Making sure that you make an impact.


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