Where you do not go how to proceed…

Yesterday I had a working session with a client to prepare a project proposal. There were 4 staff on the client-side, all ready to start, but……….

None of them had the same view on how to make the process the most efficient. One wanted to spend one hour reading the Terms of Reference all together. Another want wanted to discuss the best partner they could get for this job. Another one wanted to check with the local country office whether they had experience with this type of project.

What I realized is that none of them had a real process to optimize the proposal preparation process. They all had extensive past experience with this, but they had no data to optimize the process. They were going blind in this 2-week journey towards the deadline.

I see a real opportunity to empower staff with better tools, with the goal of making them more skilled, efficient, and autonomous in making those proposals. There is a real chance to automate and follow a step by step process to optimize this journey.

This is what we do at WiiA and Avantir



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